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Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is synonymous with the Hangover movie and Mike Tyson, the Las Vegas Strip and the casinos. The high roller Ferris Wheel where you pay a set price for a half an hour ride to the top of the Las Vegas Skyline and have unlimited cocktails! (Yes we did this). See a burlesque show, or visit any of the resident performing artists. Shop at the luxury brand stores that are lined along the strip. Also take a photo of the Famous Las Vegas Sign. Stay hydrated, the strip is gets very hot during the day. Take a Deuce bus down the strip. Pay one fee and use the buses for 24 hours. Also the freebies; walk into the casinos: see the pyramid of Luxxor, the Eiffel Tower, the real Flamingos in the middle of the Flamingos Casino. Go to the best buffet in the World at Caesar's Palace and get some King Crab. Have the party of your life in Las Vegas. This is the adult Disneyland of the USA. Be sure to hit the Casinos during the weekend. Live it up in Vegas!

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